How will I know my order has been received?

When we have received your order you will receive an automated order confirmation email. This is a record of the order you placed online. Please be sure to add the email address we use to send your order confirmation to your email contacts so that you don’t miss important communication from us about your order. It’s important to check that the email address you provide for your order is correct prior to completing your order.

When will my order be packed?

Orders are packed as soon as possible after they are placed, this is usually the next trading day after the order is placed during school term. Orders placed during school holidays are packed as soon as possible after the uniform shop re-opens in order of receipt. The uniform shop is closed during term breaks and public holidays or any period when the school itself is closed – orders are not packed while the school is closed.

How will I know when my order has been packed & my items are ready to collect?

When orders have been packed, all available items from your order are marked as ‘shipped’ in our system and an update about your order status is forwarded to you via the same email address we used to send your order confirmation.  It’s really important that you open and read this email in full so that you don’t miss important information about your order and collection.

The email update lists items and quantities ordered and also show the items and quantities that are packed and ready to collect. This email will contain a personal message in a highlighted box with specific information about your order. Please be sure to read this message and all information provided in the shipping notice for important information about your order, collection / delivery details and items supplied or on backorder.

In the event some items/quantities of some items are not available to ship at the time of your order is packed, these items will remain processing in our system and subsequent shipping notices will be sent advising when these outstanding items have been packed and are available to collect.

It is important that you add the email address we used to send your order confirmation to your email contacts to ensure you don’t miss important information we send you about your order.

Do I need to contact the uniform shop about my order?

The uniform shop will contact you with real time updates about your order via the email address we use to send your order confirmation. If you have received an order confirmation and saved the email address we used to send this in your contacts list, you will also receive email updates from us when your order/items become available to collect and it is unlikely you will need to contact the uniform shop about your order. Please allow time for us to pack your order based on our trading hours & school term dates and keep an eye on your inbox for important communication about your order.

If you did not receive an order confirmation email (in your inbox or junk folders) immediately on completion of your order you should contact the uniform shop.  Not receiving an order confirmation email could mean that the email address we request from you for communicating about your order has been entered incorrectly at the time of ordering or that the order has not been completed or payment has not been processed successfully. Please email the uniform shop to advise details of your order (name/date/time placed) and ask us to check that we have your order and if we do have your order, that the email address provided is correct. Emailing rather than calling means that we can check your details accurately against your email address and respond to you as efficiently as possible.  

Orders are packed & processed individually in order of receipt so there is no need to contact us if a friend has received information about collecting their order but you have not yet received information about yours. There may be a number of other orders to process between the two orders.

How do I collect my order?

Information about collecting your order is included in the highlighted section of the shipping notice we send when orders/items are ready for collection. Orders can be collected from the uniform shop during term, see the homepage for current trading hours.

Access to the uniform shop may periodically be by appointment only for example, Christmas holiday trading or when additional Covid-19 precautions are in place. When the uniform shop is operating by appointment only information about making a booking will be provided in the update we email you once order is ready for collection and in the trading hours section of this website. Appointments can be made via booksteam.com/seaborne

How do I contact the uniform shop?

Email is always the best contact for the uniform shop other than for urgent matters as it allows us the opportunity to respond at our earliest convenience around customer traffic and seasonal peaks (for example at morning drop off/pick up time or the first days we open at the start of a school year or term and are packing online orders).

Please note we may not be able to answer the telephone during these busy times and that the uniform shop telephone number is unattended outside trading hours/school terms. We will respond to messages left on the answering service as soon as possible during trading hours. If you require a call-back please be sure to leave your name & number and explain the nature of your call as well as add our telephone number to your telephone contacts and be available to take a call from us during our trading hours.



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